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Title: Poem for you
Author: [ profile] manaika
Series: Hakuouki, between Reimeiroku and Shinsengumi Kitan
Pairing: HijiSai, with a bakatrio threesome and hints of Kondo/Okita and past Tani/Sano on the sideline.
Rating: PG-15 and up. Varies between chapters, but only one is really for Mature Audience, I’ll warn you in time. (IMO 17 and 16 years old would cope, but there are actually rules for rating, that I have to follow) There is also a smutty scene in the first chapter, but it doesn’t depict the real deal, only a bit of fondling. I am not censoring that, because I don’t believe that it should be censored for MA only. Actually, I’m not sure if I believe in the rating system at all, I think it’s set too high and is too strict at the wrong topics. But that’s another discussion that I’m not getting into now.
Genre: humor and romance, written for the purpose to amuse
Warnings: sexual scenes, language, male/male relationship, graphic depictions of sexual intercourse, my attempts of imitating Hijikata’s haiku-style in english, bakatrio threesomeness, meddling Okita, fluff?
Summary: Sano, Shinpa and Heisuke decide it’s time for their vice commander to take some action in regards of a certain taciturn left-handed swordsman.
Written for [ profile] tokio_fujita, because she is as devoted to HijiSai as I am to ShinpaSano and because Reimeiroku is full of Saitou moe.
Disclaimer: I do not own Hakuoki and neither am I making money writing this. But it is still my work.

Author’s notes
I wrote this for [ profile] tokio_fujita, as a small token of gratitude for all the work she does and really just for being who she is, which is a good and kind person and fun to be around.
This was supposed to be a cute and fluffy HijiSai shot, but I’m not sure if I didn’t fail. Forgive me for being obsessive...

Will be 6 parts plus OMAKE. Next part will come tomorrow. ^^

Set in the months between the end of Reimeroku and start of Hakuoki, I would say.

PART ONE – The Plan

Kyoto, 8th month of 3rd year of Bunkyuu era

Oh, look the Sun high up in the skies, on this warm Summer days,
Seeing us celebrating the warmth of Love, may it heat us with it’s rays.

It was a warm day at the end of the summer in the capital city, with people outside, enjoying the last warm days, when Hijikata Toushizou allowed himself to take a day off from work and relax. The last weeks had been busy, with Serizawa’s execution, Kondo-san taking over the lead and the Shinsengumi stabilizing, and finally things have settled down enough for him to breath out. Of course there was still the issue with the rasetsu, and new recruits kept enrolling the corps, but today it seemed like problems have taken a break, issues didn’t press him to deal with them immediately and even that brat Heisuke didn’t tick him off, so Hijikata Toushizou allowed himself to slack off. He was relaxing in the yard of their residence, thinking various thoughts of the seasons changing and emotions blossoming, when a haiku came to him. He made sure he remembered to write it into his collection later.

Not that Hijikata Toushizou had someone he loved. He was the vice-comander of the Shinsengumi, he couldn’t allow himself to get himself involved with someone. A relationship was work and recquired much time spent together. And even if Hijikata allowed himself to relax from time to time, it wasn’t enough to maintain a working relationship. But that didn’t mean he couldn’t find someone endearing. He had been through his fair share of woman, more than people gave him credit for and it was not something he was proud of, but it made him to be really through with the other gender. But that still didn’t mean he couldn’t find a woman endearing. Even if right now it wasn’t a woman that caught his eye.

He knew that loving a man became less common in the past years, but Hijikata couldn’t help it. That man, while still a man and proud warrior, had a boyish charm of innocence around himself, that stole Hijikata’s breath away and made him want to devour that person rigth away, take that innocence as his...But he wouldn’t. He couldn’t. His wish was just a fantasy. There was no way his feelings were returned. It just couldn’t be that a man like that man was, could love a man like Hijikata. They were too different, not only in their upbringing, but their sword skills, social standing and personality made them a complete oposite. And Hijikata found himself on the worse end of things. He hadn’t mastered the way of the sword as perfectly as he wished yet, while the sword skills of that man were outstanding and not to be matched. Even Shinpachi and Souji, the two best swordsman the Shinsengumi had, lost to that guy. Hijikata was also too loud, for a calm and composed man like that man was, to like him. And to top it, Hijikata was born into a peasant family, while that man was a distinguished samurai. To put it short: Hijikata didn’t stand a chance. But that didn’t mean he couldn’t watch that man from afar.

„Vice commander.“

Hijikata turned to look at the person who called him, only to see that man approach him.


That man, Saitou Hajime.

The man he loved.

„Did something happen?“ Hijikata asked as Saitou came to stand next to him and strikingly deep and dark blue eyes met Hijikata’s purple ones.
Saitou shook his head. „No. It’s just rare to see you like this, vice-commander. Have you completed your work?“
Hijikata nodded. „Yes, I’m done for now and decided to make use of the rare peace.“ He smiled sideways. „There’s no telling when Heisuke will come up with a way to annoy me.“
Saitou returned the smile with one of his own. „Please, don’t hesitate to ask, if you need anything. I’ll be glad to help the vice commander out.“

Neither of them noticed the three persons huddled together behind the corner, watching them intently.

„Geez, Hajime-kun!“ the youngest man hissed, his hands holding the thumbs in silent encouragement. „Kiss him already!“
A bandaged palm came to cover his mouth and a hiss sounded.
„Shh! They’ll hear you Heisuke!“ Sano shushed him silently. „Besides, as the older one, it’s Hijikata-san who has to make the first step.“
„That’s right.“ From above them Shinpachi spoke up. „I just wish he would finally jump over his shadow and...hey, look!“
The two males looked at where the oldest of their round pointed only to gasp at the sight. Hijikata-san was leaning forward, his hand on Saitou’s cheek, ready to...

„Kiss him, kiss him, KISS HIM!“

Shinpachi’s palm closed over Sano’s mouth at the same time as Hijikata-san wiped away something on Saitou’s face.

„Lover your voice Sano!“ Shinpachi hissed, while Heisuke just groaned in disapointment. „Do you want Hijikata-san stomping over here and showing his fist down onto our heads?!“
„No, but we can’t let it just like this! They’re taking an awfully long time to get it finally on!“
Shinpachi nodded. „I agree, but there’s only little we can do. Try convincing Hijikata-san, that Saitou is the right choice for him.“
„I bet you that Hajime-kun will take the first step.“ Heisuke spoke up, grinning mischievously. „And if I win, you’ll let me top you, Shinpat-suan!“
„Are you stupid?!“ Sano’s amber eyes flashed at Heisuke. „Hijikata-san is Saitou’s superior, Saitou could never make an advance at him!“
„Right.“ Shinpachi nodded. „Besides you’re too young to top.“
„That’s not fair!“ Heisuke complained. „Sano-san’s younger than you too and you let him top!“
„That’s different.“ Shinpachi bit back. „Sano’s tall as me, strong as me and younger only by a year. We’re equals, so equaly he can give and take as much as I.“
„That’s true.“ Sano nodded. „You’re simply too young Heisuke.“

„You’re using that just as an excuse!“

„Don’t use that tone on me! Sheesh, sometimes I wonder what’s with the youth these days. When I was your age, I would have died of shame if I had to ask daimyo-sama, or Sanji-sensei if I could top. You don’t ask that your superiors. Where’s the respect?!“

„You’re not my superior, Sano-san. You’re an executive, just as I!“

„I shoud hit you for the nerve to say that Heisuke! I may not be your superior, but I’m still older than you! And now shut your trap! That’s not our objective right now!“

„Then what exactly is your objective, Harada, if I may ask?“

At the sound of that voice Heisuke startled so hard, that he jumped up from where he was crouched at least two feet high.


Sano couldn’t really blame him. Hijikata was looking quite darkly at them and Shinpachi was nowhere in sight, having probably cleared the coast as soon as he saw Hijikata making a single step towards them. Sano gritted his teeth. That bastard...

„Well? I’m listening.“

Heisuke started stuttering for an excuse, while Sano lifted himself up and dusted his hakama off.

„Hijikata-san, I just came to see if you aren’t in need of any help.“
„Help.“ Hijikata raised a sardonic eyebrow, his expression showing that he didn’t believe Sano a single word.
„Yes, help.“ Sano’s gaze remained steady. „Help, or advice...“ Sano, making sure that Hijikata saw it, let his eyes glance towards Saitou, who was untill now standing calmly behind the vice-commander.
Hijikata frowned. „No, thank you.“ He spoke through gritted teeth. „I’m in no need of any kind of help. I can manage on my own.“
„So I see.“ Sano said simply, his mood to dealing with his vice-commander’s love life and teasing his fellow executor, gone thanks to Heisuke being a brat again and Shinpachi playing coward. „Then, since you don’t recquire any of my services, I’ll be looking for Shinpachi. There’s something I need to tell that idiot.“ Sano’s hand balled into a fist. He needed to teach that ass a lecture about running away.

He bowed to Hijikata-san and disappeared from sight within a few seconds.

Heisuke wanted to follow suit, but he was held back by the strong grip of his leader.

„That would explain what Harada was doing here.“ Even though Hijikata-san said that, Heisuke was sure the demon vice didn’t believe Sano-san a word. „However, it does not explain why you would need to accompany him.“

Heisuke laughed nervously, as the purple gaze bored itself right into the very core of his soul.

„Well, you see...“

„I’m listening.“

Heisuke was so screwed...


Sano found Shinpachi in his room, sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall, apparently waiting for Sano, a sheepish smile playing on the sensual lips.


Sano frowned.


Shinpachi scratched the back of his head and Sano recognized it as his lover’s nervous habit. Apparently, Shinpachi was apprehensive. Good. At least that idiot was warned. Sano started to approach Shinpachi with slow steps, his stare never leaving the man in front of him. Shinpachi would pay for the stunt he pulled, Sano would make sure of it.

„Was Hijikata-san very upset?“

„I left Heisuke deal with it.“


„He has vaste expierience on this field after all.“


„Has to have, after all those time you disappeared into nowhere after Hijikata-san found you two doing something to tick him off.“


„Not me.“


Sano was now standing right in front of Shinpachi, towering over him much like a summer storm that was about to break out, bringing destruction and all the might of thunder and lightning with him.

„Who do you think I am?“

Shinpachi gulped.

„Do I look like some brat to you?“

„Sa...Sano.“ Shinpachi stuttered. „Ca...Calm down.“

Sano’s hands reached for the hem of Shinpachi’s top and fisted themselves around the embroided fabric.

„It was just fun!“

Slowly he pulled his lover up, to bring him on the same eye level.

„I...I knew you could deal with Hijikata easily!“

Sano’s hand twitched.

„Sano, NO!“

Shinpachi’s eyes squeezed shut to shield themselves from the fist that would connect with his jawline the next moment...
Any moment...


A quiet chuckle sounded and Shinpachi cautiously opened his eyes, only to see Sano’s twinkling mischievously at him, a crooked smile on the handsom face.

„You’re cute when you’re panicking.“

Shinpachi gave him a wide-eyed, disbelieving stare. Sano slowly set him down again, then seated himself next to him, smiling sweetly, while Shinpachi could just stare, not believing the nerve of that guy. To scare him like that...And not to mention, if he judged by the tighteness, Shinpachi had now a big problem underneath his fundoshi. Fucking great. Why, oh just why the hell fighting with Sano always turn him on faster than a high quality aphrodisiac could, Shinpachi didn’t want to know. And all that damn cunning asshole did about it, was grinn.
„You’re such a bastard...“ Shinpachi seethed, but Sano just gave him a canine smile, one of those that were always followed by a smart remark.
„Then what does that the man fucking that bastard make?“
Shinpachi didn’t know whether to blow or cry, being in the mood for both, so he chose sighing.
„You’re incorrigible.“
„And you love me so.“

And fuck, he did, didn’t he?

If Shinpachi was honest with himself, he was completely smitten with the handsom man. And the worst thing was, he didn’t mind the least.

There was the shuffling of fabric and the creaking of wood as something heavy moved and as Shinpachi opened his eyes to it, he sudenly had an armfull of wickedly grinning Sano between his legs.


„Need help with that?“

Shinpachi didn’t really want to know how Sano knew, since his hardness was covered by both fundoshi and a nobakama, that admittedly wasn’t as wide as Sano’s umanorihakama, but still wide enough to hide embarassing things from the inhabitants of the capital and the rest of the world. He rather focused his mind on the suggestion and had to smirk, as he admitted to himself, that it didn’t sound bad at all. Heisuke was probably still getting the bushido read by Hijikata-san, the loyal Saitou totally in love with the demon vice right there at his side. Okita was probably getting his own ’treatment’ from Kondo-san and Sannan-san would be either working or practicing at this time of the day.

Shinpachi’s smirk got wider and he reached out a hand to tug at Sano’s bandages.

„Sure. Why not?“
„Because it’s my turn this time.“
Shinpachi’s smirk fell.
„What? But I let you only recently!“
Sano stared at him intently.
Shinpachi stared back.
Sano’s eyes narrowed.
Shinpachi sighed.
„Geez, give me a break! Seriously, what is it with everyone wanting to top me?! Is it my muscles? Do you think that you can surpass-“

Sano swallowed the rest of the sentence in a heated kiss.

Shinpachi sighed invardly. Looked like he had to let Sano have his way... For now. Shinpachi hadn’t been Sano’s seme for months not to know how to manage his hot-tempered friend.

Sano’s lips were sure as they moved against his, nibbling and slowly opening him, while the strong arms around him embraced him tightly. A wet and hot tongue darted inside his mouth, as Shinpachi’s body relaxed and his lips parted in an unguarded sigh. Their tongues encircled each other, probing cautiously the enemy territory, before they clashed and engaged in a heated battle of thrusts and slashes.

Kissing Sano always felt like a fight.

He hated losing and his lover never gave in easily and honestly, Shinpachi loved it that way. The dominance that man showed reflected his determination and reminded Shinpachi of the fights they’ve been through together, of the countless times they stood side by side, back to back, heart to heart. The heat of two bodies pushed beyond their limits, but still urging themselves to go on...

Shinpachi’s fundoshi became even tighter and a silent moan resonated through the kiss.

He felt Sano’s grinn against his lips and the sureness he displayed, as their battle went on and Shinpachi knew that soon his time would come to perform the maneuver that would gain him the upper hand. It wouldn’t need much, just a small moment when Sano allowed an opening, revealed a small unguarded place, during his next attack. And true enough, just as Sano went over to attack his neck with small bites and gentle sucks, that drove Shinpachi crazy, he involuntarily showed Shinpachi’s albeit clouded, but still seeing eyes a weak spot and the second executor of the Shinsengumi, the front guard, the one with the strike force of an avalanche, charged.

As Shinpachi’s tongue descended on the over-sensitive skin behind his ear, a jolt of lust went through Sano’s body, a shiver run down his spine and a helpless moan broke out of him. He felt the wicked smile against his skin and he wanted to protest, but then Shinpachi used his teeth and every word died in Sano’s throat, swallowed in another moan.

Shinpachi supressed a victorious cry and continued his ministrations instead.

It always turned Sano into a helpless, moaning pile of heated flesh, when Shinpachi did that. The spot behind his ear, just next to the lobe was known territory for Shinpachi’s mouth, tongue and teeth and he knew just what to do, to have Sano melting in his arms.

His hands didn’t remain still either.

Slowly they wandered down the strong back, over the rough fabric and the layers of bandages to the sharp hips and bended the strong body to their will, untill Sano was sitting spooned against him, grasping Shinpachi’s tighs thightly, clinging to the remains of sanity.

„Bastard...I’ll kill you...“ Sano gasped, but with the aroused flush covering his cheeks, he didn’t look threatening at all. Even though Shinpachi knew, that he would have to hide from Sano’s vengeance when they recovered.

„Yeah, right. Who would fuck you then?“ Shinpachi just retorted and a clever hand found it’s way into the side-gap of Sano’s umanorihakama and run his fingers over the bulge there in a feather light touch.
A wanton gasp passed Sano’s lips and he squirmed in Shinpachi’s lap, his body in need for more friction, more contact, but his will nowhere near broken.
„Don’t you worry...“ His lover spoke in a low, husky, aroused voice and Shinpachi shivered at the sensual sound. „I have other...options.“ Sano could barely speak from arousal, his voice a mere whisper, but it still caught Shinpachi’s ears.
„What other options?“
He felt Sano’s smirk against his neck and a challenge sparked in darkened, amber eyes.
„Sanji-sensei has been...proposing...since he joined...the...shinsengumi.“
„Says he wants to fuck me so badly, he wakes up cumming every night.“
Another shiver run through Shinpachi, but this not as far as pleasant as the previous one. That drunkard was making passes at his Sano? He didn’t even notice how the quality of his embrace changed from sure to possessive, or the accomplished smirk on Sano’s face. The only thing he could think of was, how to keep Sano from running back into his former lover’s arms.
„Well...I don’t mind, but...“ saphire eyes bore themselves through amber with an intensity that sent pleasent jolts between Sano’s legs. „I doubt he’s as good as I am.“ And with that said, Shinpachi cupped the bulge in Sano’s pants and squeezed.

Sano gasped sharply and his head fell back, red hair flying around him in a ruby mess. Strong hips jerked forward, seeking more of the friction, but Shinpachi pulled away, evil smirk playing on his lips. Only after Sano settled down again, did he touch the telltale tent in Sano’s leggins, stroking lightly. The sounds Sano made were a symphony to Shinpachi’s ears and he was just about to proceed to the next stage, when from the doorway an ironic voice spoke.

„I don’t believe this.“ The two of them turned their heads to the direction, only to see Heisuke scowling down on them. „You horny geezers! I get the lecture, while you two get the fun all to yourselves!“
„Life’s a bitch, learn to deal with it.“
„I’ll kill you, Shinpat-suan.“
„I’m afraid you’ll have to line up after Sano, Heisuke.“
Sano grunted in agreement, before groaning in pleasure once again. Heisuke shook his head and came to sit down next to them, while Shinpachi stopped his movements and Sano climbed down from his lover’s lap shakily.
„I wonder how you’ll talk when I get a concussion. I swear Hijikata-san’s blows are getting stronger with each time.“
„Did he hit you again?“
Heisuke scoffed. „My head hurts.“ Then he gave Shinpachi a sharp glare. „And you’re not making it better.“
Shinpachi smiled sheepishly.
Sano cleared his throat to get the roughness of pleasure out of his voice, but it still sounded a good deal deeper and huskier than usually, the strain of arousal obvious as he spoke. „Maybe we should really do something about them. A sexually frustrated vice-commander is never good for the ones who serve beneath him.“
Shinpachi saw Heisuke’s face flush, as the boy realized from the sound of that voice, just how uncomfortable Sano had to be and stutter a „Y...Yeah“ before finally averting his aqua eyes.
Shinpachi on the other hand, couldn’t look away.

The handsom, angular face, flushed with arousal.

The ruby hair, halfway unfastened and disarray.

The sparkling amber eyes, clouded with lust.

The full lips, swollen and beconing to be kissed.

The deep voice, strained with pleasure.

Shinpachi found himself comparing that man to the boyish Heisuke, who still blushed and stuttered when embarassed and whose voice always rather went an octave higher when he was aroused, than deepened.

Shinpachi considered himself a lucky man.

Not many had the privilege to have two such lovers at their sides. One a tough and expierienced man, with depth in his eyes and a spirit shaped, moulded, burned and branded by life itself,- the other a boy who aspired to become a man, innocent and full of ideals, the uncouth youth sincere within him.

Oh yes, Shinpachi was a lucky man.

A small smirk found it’s way onto his face.
„That’s true. We can’t leave Hijikata-san missing so much out of life.“
They both looked at him with questioning gazes.
„What are you saying Shinpat-suan?“
„I’m not going to like this, I know I’m not.“
Shinpachi laughed evilly.
„We’ll be their angels of love!“
„Oh no...“ Sano groaned.
„Men, it’s time to do some serious matchmaking!“
„I knew it...I knew you were going to say something like this.“ A bandaged hand went to cover a handsom face, while another set of aqua eyes stared in horror at him. Shinpachi smirked.

„But first, we have some unfinished business.“

With that he grabbed both of his lovers and yanked them into his lap, swallowing their every protest with his lips.


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Date: 2013-02-06 10:25 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hey :)
It's been a loooong time since I've read a Hakuoki fic, I'm so looking forward to this :)
Although with all do respect, you made a lot of grammatical mistakes...
It disrupts the pleasure of reading through the fic a little...

Date: 2013-02-07 04:54 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Awww this is so sweet! *reading over and over*
Hijikata and Saitou didn't have much conversation. But it's so them.
When Hijikata touched Saitou's cheek and ... nothing happened, this pic came to mind. XD

It's so much fun to see the Baka Trio getting together up to no good (did the CD drama of Shinpachi teasing Saitou help in sparking ideas?), and then quarreling as usual. Poor Heisuke-kun keep getting the short end of the stick. Heisuke sweetie, that's how grown-ups are. You can't win! XD
And I like how Sano handles Hijikata's questioning... and dumps the problem to Heisuke. You're gonna make me start shipping Hijikata and Sano if they keep being this moe! XD

Date: 2013-02-07 07:32 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh you don't know how glad I am that you like it!
I did think about adding a little more conversation there, but the one thought that kept me from it was, that neither of them is known for saying too much. This scene was written shortly after I read you translation of the conversation between Hijikata and Saitou, where Hijikata doesn't ask Saitou why he left Shieikan and I wanted to keep that voiceless, silent understanding that was between them.

No, not this particular scene, but another one, in a later chapter ^^
I confess, Heisuke will get that end of the stick a lot in this fic, but he's a character that wakes a lot of saidstic, teasing tendencies in me, I can't help it. (The Shinpachi in my head agrees with me.) But he does have a few deeper scenes I m particulary proud of.

You say that and haven't even read the rest. Just wait, I'll make you a fan of them yet. ~_^

Alright. Enough of this, the next chapter is going up now. If you keep spoiling me with such comments, I might end up just posting the fanfic in one go. This really made my day!


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