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Hi guys! 

I know you'll probably kill me for this, but I came to torture your eyes with my scribbles, that I call fanart.
I'm not sure what it's with me lately, but I seem not to be able to let go of my pencils instead of my pens. Maybe I just need to draw, because I've been writing all too many things and my mind needs to distract itself. And maybe it's because this summer I had the chance to develope a little my drawing skills and now I feel like exploading from this need to draw. And maybe after a developement in writing skills, my drawing skills want to evolve too. 

Well, anyway.

Whatever it is, it just happens that I'm in drawing mood lately. And just yesterday I stumbled across some ancient fanarts, that I started drawing years ago, but never finished them. As I opened the folder and saw the fanarts, for several moments my vision went dark and then I started correcting them. I still don't think they're perfect, but they're better than before and I decided they deserve to be posted and con-criticised.

Have fun!

Gwendal/Yozak, Kyou Kara Maou )

Shinpachi/Sanosuke, Hakuouki )

One more thing: I don't think I'll come around to color them anytime soon, since I'm still not that good at coloring and I sorta like them this way. But if any of you itch to color them, I'm not stoping you, just tell me before you start :)
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Pairings: conzak, gwenzak, gwenrad
Warnings: crossdressing, shounen-ai
Notes: Where should I begin? Hmmm...At one point I took liking in coloring linearts from the manga of Kyou Kara Maou (fetish for a female Yozak and his lips) and then the [ profile] kkm_media round 24 contest colored lineart came around, thought not every of them was posted there. Each of them is at my photobucket account (link to it in my links list in the sideboard under my userpic). Many of them are 2 images put together (credits to microsoft paint). I'm satisfied (and proud) of most of them (besides the two 'pencile experiments'). Hope you enjoy them! ^^
P.S.: The original linearts are in my scrapbook album "photoshoped images".

Disclaimer: Kyou Kara Maou and it's characters are owned by Tomo Takabayashi and Temari Matsumoto...sadly.

Colored linearts )

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I really wanted to write a Conrad/Alford. And suddenly this idea popped into my mind and I decided, that I’ll try it out, since I seem to have a minor block on the next chapter of Fatefull encounters. But you don’t have to worry, it’s almost finished. ^^ Anyways, here’s the mind-popp-up. It’s going to be a twoshot, but I’m willing to write a sequel if you demand one. The 1st part consists mainly of a smalltalk between the two brothers-in-arm and Yozak is wicked once again ^^ Just the way we love him...

Fanic: Anata - 'till death
Rating: K+
Warnings: shounen-ai,
Pairings: Conrad/Alford, Gwenzak
Summary: Who would've thought that the wedding of his best friend would turn the lovelife of one Conrad Weller around? And because there is no man as wicked as Yozak soon-to-be-von Voltaire, Conrad has to go on the 'Journey for Love'.

Part 1 )

So, how didya like it?

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SInce I'm updating on this journal now  Kyou Kara Maou too, I decided that posting my already in-progress KKM ffics here would be good, since my Master fanfic list is here. I posted the two one-shots, now I'm posting the active KKM fanfics The Royal Heir and Lord and Lady Weller (which isn't on hiatus, even if it seems so. Just the next chapter takes long to write.)

But anyways now, here's the first chapter of "The Royal Heir"

Fanic: The Royal Heir
Rating: K+ - T
Warnings: shounen-ai, m-preg (I really write it too much),
Pairings: ConYuu, Gwenzak - Focus more on ConYuu but since I'm obsessed with Gwenzak, there might be more of them than maybe necessary.
It has been 15 years of Yuuris reign and many things changed. The question is: For the better or the worse? Gwenzak on the sideline, main pairing: ConYuu...or shall I rather say Yuurad?...Naaah, ConYuu, really. Rated for themes and m-preg

First to tell )
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Since I noticed that I kinda write many Gwenzak fics and that there are no comminuties on livejournal about this pair, I decided to make one, I'm sure there are some Gwenzak fans among you and if you want to join or write a story about this pair and don't know where to put it: Here's the best choice!
Hints of Conzak or Gundal, threesomes, or fanfics where one of them has to choose between the other and somebody alse are welcome too.
Because Gwenzak is love.
Hope this community picked your interest and you are willing to give it a try! ^^
The link is here: Gentle affection of subtle love


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