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So. I decided to be inspirated by my mutual friend haruyan and do this thing: Top Post! Here you can see what I'm writing or working on, and such things. It will be also a quick navigation to the chapters which are already written.
Most of the fics are/will be bleach, but there might occur some One Piece and/or Black Blood Brothers. And maybe some more animes, we'll see. But the absolute maximum of them will be bleach.
So all you have to do ist scroll down and enjoy yourself! ^^


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Principle of Love; Teach me how to kiss - Prince of Tennis
Indefinite Hiatus
[ profile] 30kissesOne shot arc based on the theme set list Xi/instructions for the pairing Oishi/Shishido

Price of your Heart; I'll take your kiss -
Oneshot arc based on the theme set list Nu/Acquisition for the pairing Shinpachi/Sanosuke

[ profile] 1sentence

The River Flow - Black Blood Brothers
50 sentences to the awesome pair that is Jiirou/Zelman, theme set Delta


One Shots, Drabbles, Prompts
Busted - A small one-shot involving Conzak, Yuuram and a discovery.
Lessons of Lead - A small drabble about Conrad, Yozak and Yuuri. No threesome! Involves an advice.

Attention Universe
= Attention/complete
-Chapter 1 Attention (Yozak)
-Chapter 2 Comfort (Gwendal)
-Chapter 3 Weeks
-Chapter 4 Sick and tired
-Chapter 5 Sick again
-Chapter 6 Revealed
-Chapter 7 Encounter, the 1st
-Chapter 8 Tension
-Chapter 9 Encounter, the 2nd
-Chapter 10 Of Faults and Truces
-Chapter 11 Secrets
-Chapter 12 Encounter, the 3rd
-Chapter 13 As it comes
-Chapter 14 Encounter, the 4th
-Chapter 15 Peacefull times
-Chapter 16 Not right
-Chapter 17 - is a poll
-Chapter 18 Helpfull solutions
-Chapter 19 How it begins
-Chapter 20 How it ends
= Fatefull Encounters/Discontinued
-Chapter 1 (Prologue) Mommy, why...?
-Chapter 2 I'm Marianna
-Chapter 3 The Love of the Mother
-Chapter 4 So they meet
-Chapter 5 Of Troubles and Love
-Chapter 6 Drastic Meassures
-Chapter 7 Better and Worse
-Chapter 8 Any Other Way
-Chapter 9 Promises
-Chapter 10 Overflowing Emotions

Lord and Lady Weller Universe
= Lord and Lady Weller/Discontinued
-Chapter 1 Dreams come true
-Chapter 2 Wherever they take us
-Chapter 3 Glowing in the Dusk
-Chapter 4 Into the Future with New
-Chapter 5 White enjoyment
-Chapter 6 Qualities of Lordship
-Chapter 7 Feeling together
-Chapter 8 What is needed
-Chapter 9 Exchanging Expieriences
-Chapter 10 Lighting up the Spot, part 1, page 2
-Chapter 11 Fight in the Woods
-Chapter 12 Closeness and Differences

The Roval Heir
11 chapters. Discontinued.
A Conyuu (Yuurad?) m-preg with Gwenzak on the sideline. Link redirects to

Anata: 'till death
A Conrad/Alford and Gwenzak marriage twoshot. Link redirects to fanfiction,net

Alluring tunes
Fantasy AU, Conzak.

Chapter 1 Melody of the Nightfall and Stars
-Chapter 2 Ballad of the Two Joined Hearts

-Chapter 3 Melody of the Lonesome Soul

Love and Blood
An incest drama of thw two brothers Gwendal von Voltaire and Conrad Weller

-Chapter 1 Time reveals the answers
-Chapter 2 Truth lies beneath the surface
-Chapter 3 Seeing beyond the surface brings understanding

-Chapter 4 Trust is the mainspring that desires the truth, page 2
-Chapter 5 When we are happy, the bells of our Heart ring,, page 2, page3, page 4

Winter Love
A small fic to honor the 3 WInter holidays: Christmas, Valentine, White Day.
Christmas, Year One: Future
-Silvester, Year One: Resolution
-New Year's Day, Year One: Change
-Valentine's Day, Year One: Bliss
-Christmas Eve, Year Two: Happiness


One Shots, Drabbles, Prompts
Tango towards destruction , page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5 - An epic longshot (as one of my reviewers named it) about Atobe finding his place in the world: next to Sanada

Winners, Losers - A little one-shot about the Shitenhouji senpais, one past, one present.

Cocktail shots
- A series of one-shots, some of them loosely related, based on a pairing and a cocktail. Written in collaboration with x_juliett
-Sex on the Beach
-Tequila Sunrise
-Bloody Mary
-Long Beach
-High Society
-Vodka Martini

Cocktail spin-offs - A place where everything resulting fo the "Tequila Sunrise" arc of the Cocktail shots will be dumped. Also a collab with x_juliett
-The seme club


One Shots, Drabbles, Prompts
Deep sweet dreaming - A sweet small Sano/Shinpa one-shot inspired by the series' merchandise.
Water, zen and other ways to make your partner shut up - written for [ profile] shinsenlove drabble meme 2011, prompt 07
Dust on the grave - written for [ profile] shinsenlove drabble meme 2011, prompt 11
Wielding well - written for [ profile] shinsenlove drabble meme 2011, prompt 21

Shinsengumi Family
A series of drabbloids, ficlets and small one-shots about our Shinsengumi family, set in modern times. Gender swap.
-EPISODE 2 - Halloween special

Poem for you/complete
A Hijikata/Saitou fanfic written as a present for [ profile] tokio_fujita
Part 1, the plan
-Part 2, the first try
-Part 3, the second try
-Part 4, the third try
-Part 5, the twist
-Part 6, the climax
-OMAKE, the aftermath


One Shots, Drabbles, Prompts
Behavior - b-day fanfic 2008 for [ profile] haruyan
Questionable actions - b-day fanfic 2009 for [ profile] haruyan
In every way special - [ profile] bleachexchange Halloween exchange for [ profile] prof_ryoki :
The peacock, the baldy and the cake - [ profile] bleachexchange November assignmenst for [ profile] wintaerland :

Complicated as Love
An Ichigo/Keigo m-preg fanfic
-Chapter 1 "As simple as that"
-Chapter 2 "Matters of the Heart"
-Chapter 3 "Lost"
-Chapter 4 "Keeping Secrets"
-Chapter 5 "Making Love"
-Chapter 6 "Being together"
-Chapter 7 - Halloween Special "Dreams"
-Chapter 7 "How to survive"
-Chapter 8 "Hard without you"


One Shots, Drabbles, Prompts
A not so fucked up day - a b-day fanfic 2008 for [ profile] stark_black, fandom One Piece

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PRINCIPLE OF LOVE; Teach me how to kiss

Oishi/Shishido 30kisses arc
Theme set list/restriction: Nu/acquisition

Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairing: Oishi/Shishido
Warnings: shounen-ai, sap, romance, kissing, heartbreak, lovesick teenies, ooc-ness, cursing...
Summary: Made for 
[info]30kisses , list Xi/Instructions. Oishi and Shishido struggle with their relationship, love and other challenges their life brings. 

Disclaimer : I do not own Prince of Tennis, or any of it’s characters. The creators do. My muse owns the idea of the fic, my insanity the existence of it and I the work and the time I put into writing it. Credit me at least those, ok?

Kill me. No, I’m serious. Kill me, please. Even if I have like 10 fics to complete, I claim at lj’s 30kisses Oishi/Shishido and now i have to write 30 one-shots. I’m insane. I’m a lost case. Ready for a mental ward. If you want to do the world a favor, put me in there. Come to think of it, I’ve never been normal.
After all, what normal person would claim something, she didn’t have time writing? Obviously, just me. Why I clamed if I don’t have time to write it, you ask? Because, obviously, I’m suicidal. Insane. Not normal.
And, admitedly, because I waned to read a good Oishi/Shishido fanfic. There’s so little of them in the whole wide world of fanfiction. And the fundamental principle of fanfiction writers, or more like the purpose of their existence is „If you don’t find something you want to read, write it yourself“. So I did.


Alright. I’ll finish my fanfics, I promise. One day, I will. I will. I swear that I will.

Chronological order

#28. Never underestimate the power of Love. Love's lame ecstasyIf you love someone who doesn’t love you back, what do you do? Rated K+
#20. Respect tradition. Christmas WishChristmas is a time of presents, a time of love and, as one Shishido Ryou learns, unfortunately, tradition. Rated K+
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THE PRICE OF YOUR HEART; I’ll take your kiss

Shinpachi/Sanosuke 30kisses arc
Theme set list/restriction : Nu/acquisition

Series : Hakuoki
Pairing : Shinpachi/Sanosuke 
Warnings : shounen-ai, yaoi and everything around it, including lemons, cursing, boshin war themes, a bit of SM, but without violence or abuse themes,- you know-it’s more fun that way. At least for Sano. Even though the warnings sound dark and angsty, it’s still Shinpa/Sano, that means, that if there will be any angst, it will be only because they are for once acting their age. It’s set in the times of the boshin war, later meiji restoration and government (read author’s note), alas I should mention it with everything that comes with it.
Summary : Made for 
[ profile] 30kisses list Nu/acquisition. Shinpachi and Sanosuke deal with their love, their lives and with the changing times.

Disclaimer : I do not own Hakuoki, or any of it’s characters. The creators do. My muse owns the idea of the fic, myself the work and the time I put into writing it. Credit me at least those, ok?

Notes – please read
The idea to claim Shinpa/Sano at 30kisses came as I was already writing this one-shot. I got it, as other one shots started attacking me, in a wave of inspiration (thank one abusing muse) and I thought to myself „Why not try to make it 30kisses?“ So I went to look if there isn’t any theme set list fitting to them. There was. I ronically, it was taken from the „Ferrengi book of acquisition“ from Star Trek. Talk about historical Japan. But anyway, I claimed them and so here I am. Also, as soon as I claimed, this one shot got another wave of inspiration and gained something concrete, a theme, a purpose. I’m eternally gratefull for that.

Also, some of the parts will starr Shiranui. You know - that handsom long purple-haired demon who calls Harada sexy boy. SImply because a - I ship them, b - I enjoy triangles that will most likely never be real triangles, much less threesomes (and lj's 
[ profile] 30kisses
  doesn't even allow them) and c - because I can. I will post it behind the chapter summary if it shoul doccur that there is Shiranui.. 

1. As I already mentioned, some of the one shots will be set in the meiji era, which Shinpachi had come to see alive (historically the only one of the shinsengumi besides Saito). Depending on how season 2 developes, it might partially, but not necessarily divert from the series plot (especially concerning Harada – I have a suspicion of what will happen with him and I’m basing a few events of the one shots on it, but there’s no guarantee that my suspicions get confirmed).
2. I’m studying classical archeology. It shows. I’m a neat freak in historical accuracy, so I will do my best to make everything historically as accurate as I can. However, I’m not an expert on japanese history and the majority of my informations are either from wikipedia, other animes, or my best friend (who had one semester of japanese history), so it’s fairly possible that there will be inaccuracies or even huge mistakes. If you notice some, correct me. This also includes japanese clothing. In this case I’m open and listening to any lecture. If there is some expert on japanese history, or this particular era, and wants to, or is willing to offer some information, or help me out, I’ll be more than happy. I would have someone concrete to turn to with possible questions. It would help me out a lot. And since there will be long time spans between my updates, the questions won’t come that frequently. ...At least I suppose. You never know when my muse will start abusing me and I make me write ten fics a day.
3. Updates might take their time. The possibility is very high. I don’t have much time, but I’ll be able to compose an one shot here and there. I have 7 free hours one day betwene two lectures. I’m spending them at the library (like now). When there won’t be any seminar to work on, I will have plenty time to write one shots. So there should be no problem with it. Also, I feel a new wave of inspiration. It feels like I’m breaking free from my chains and somehow right now I feel like I could write anything. I have even started to work on paused fics, f.e. my kyou kara maou fics. I’m actually almost at the point at returning to writing Complicated as Love. So yeah, the chances are high.

Chronological order of the one-shots

#01. Once you have it, never give it back. Be mine When your heart aches from secret love and burns with subdued desire and the one you long for is sitting across of you with a smile on his face, there is only one thing left to do. Rated M for lemon
#30. No good deed ever goes unpunished. Orchid's BloomDo you need fancy restaurants and foreign customes to express your love? Rated M (yet again it's because of lemon)
#22. Knowledge equals profit. Being a child, becoming a manIf someone, who left your life, is still haunting you, will the one you love be able to help you? Rated M for lemon.
#11. Why ask when you can take? Your sad smile will guide my heart, part 1. Sometimes foolish decisions can ruin your life, but make it so there won't be regrets. Rated between K+ and T
. Sometimes the only thing more dangerous than a question, is an answerYour sad smile will guide my heart, part 2Sometimes foolish decisions can ruin your life, but make it so there won't be regrets. Rathed T for themes (character death, angst)
War is good for business. Wearing the attire. If you need to calm your partner down, but you are too frustrated yourself, what do you do? Rated between T and M (16 and above?)

#12. A good lie is easier to believe than the truth.
Rear guard. Sanosuke and Shinpachi step forward and face their future. Rated K+
#08. You can't make a deal if you're dead.
Meet me there. On the verge of dieing, Sano discovers that the promise of a few more nights can keep him alive. Starrs Shiranui. Rated T *** WINNER 3RD PLACE of the BestFiction Award 2011 ***
03. A deal is a deal. Embracing life. Shiranui comes to remind Sanosuke of their deal. And with so many reasons to leave, you just do what you have to do. Rated K+/T - 14/15 of age (for themes)

Sweet school life Arc:

. Time is a highly limited accomodity. A weekend of Eternity  In the rush before the holidays, you need to find time for your beloved and for yourself. Rated T for adult content, but nothing a seventeen year old couldn't bear.
#09. Hear all, trust nothing.
Monday Sorrows. Even if Mondays are always the most angsty days in the life of High School teachers, you just have to pay attention to what your inner voice tells you, to guide you through your worries.
#15. Never place friendship above profit. PRICE I: Broken Valentine Imagine that the love of your life doesn't want to be with you anymore. Imagine you feel lost and betrayed. What do you do? Starrs Shiranui.
#20. Never trust anyone wearing better clotching than you.
PRICE II: First cut is the deepest. The past will always be there to haunt you. Starrs Shiranui. Rated T but read the warnings first.
#17. A wise person can hear profit in the wind. PRICE III: At the beginning of spring. How can you regain something you lost? Starrs Shiranui.
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Since I noticed that I kinda write many Gwenzak fics and that there are no comminuties on livejournal about this pair, I decided to make one, I'm sure there are some Gwenzak fans among you and if you want to join or write a story about this pair and don't know where to put it: Here's the best choice!
Hints of Conzak or Gundal, threesomes, or fanfics where one of them has to choose between the other and somebody alse are welcome too.
Because Gwenzak is love.
Hope this community picked your interest and you are willing to give it a try! ^^
The link is here: Gentle affection of subtle love


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