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Title: Winners Losers
Author:[ profile] manaika
Series: New Prince of Tennis
Pairing: None, gen between Hara Tetsuya and Mouri Juuzaburou, and Hara Tetsuya and Taira Yoshiyuki (Hirazen) on the sideline.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Shitenhouji and Rikkai senpais. That should be a warning enough. Also, I’m trying to be funny and make puns, using english and japanese - neither of which are my first languages. Feel free to shoot me to the moon.
Summary: “You ditched me.” “Winning with everyone else was more important.”

Disclaimer: I do not own Prince of Tennis or the characters, nope. I just love them to death and love even more to use them for my own purposes. ^^

I have been rping HaraTetsu (although I like to call him Tetsuya more and before you start: God NO! Kuroko is fucking Kuroko, not Tetsuya. Not in my head) for around a year now and have absolutely fallen in love with him and all the ‘old boys’ lot. Life with him is crazy and very interesting and slowly, I started researching all the first stringers and U-17ners and developed various headcanons, that I would like to present here. I especially focus on his relationship with Mouri, who is a former Shitenhouji (as stated on wikia) and as the 3rd OVA (which is not a manga canon episode, I admit, but I don’t really care at this point anymore?) says, Tetsuya lost to him in his first year. My headcanon says that they’ve been rivals ever since. But before that they were friends, due to another headcanon, but you’ll have to read this, if you want to know. ^^ Further notes at the end of the shot.
Another thing: The way I’m writing Shiraishi and Osamu might be by now heavily influenced by the way the magnificent Venice and the amazing DA play them. Saying just in case they seem familiar to you, although they don’t starr in this as much. ^^
I’m kinda experimenting with form again in this and while I’m not sure, I hope I do it at least moderate justice. Feedback and concrit is always appreciated.

Winners, Losers )


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