Jun. 8th, 2012

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I'm sure some of you have already heard about this, but just for recapitulation:
The popular site fanfiction.net, has decided to take a charge against the M rated fanfic, that include MA content (over 18) and delete all of the fanfics containing such. Many of the fanfics that contain such scenes (sexual scenes, or any other scenes of the adult kind) have been going on for years - including some of mine. The authors work hard and long and have many devoted readers. Many of the fics aren't simply PWP, but include the adult themes, because it suits the, because it creates the right atmosphere, or various other reasons.
And it's not like they don't warn about such scenes. Most of them...most of us, do. If someone doesn't feel comfortable about reading such scenes, he is free to skip them. It's still the reader's choice what they read, as it is the writer's choice what they write.
I feel like fanfiction.net acting like that and banning the fanfics, is taking away this choice from me - from us.

So I decided to do something good and spread the petition, that fights against the removing of thosands of fanfic, that we have been working long and hard on. I have already signed it. Will you?

I recommend you sign it. Most of my fanfictions, including my current work I'm focusing on, "Price of your Heart" (which many of you have been reviewing to, and gave me positive feedback, that always made me want to continue and finish it), contain adult material (on the sideline, not even in the main focus of the work) and are thus endangered of deleting. Such a thing would probably demoralize me to no end. All of your kind reviews, the work of the past months...gone.

It's your choice whether you sign this petition, or not, but as a writer, I turn now to the fans of my works. To you, the fans of fanfiction, our supporters. We need signatures to save our fanfictions. If you want to continue to read them on fanfiction.net, please sign this. It would give me, just as the rest of us fanfiction writers massive feedback.

Thank you.

The link to the petition doesn't show, if I share it like this, but, if you go here: http://www.change.org/petitions/fanfiction-net-stop-the-destruction-of-fanfiction-net#share
and click the "share with website or blog" link, it'll show an embed code (this one, that doesn't work) and next to it the panel with the red buttom "sign petition". Click that, if you want to sign it.

A huge thank to those who have already done so, or will decide to do so.


Your fanfiction writer,


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